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Crape Myrtle Control

Do you have gorgeous crape myrtle trees and shrubs on your residential or business property? Keep them clean, pristine, and healthy with professional crape myrtle care from Good Life Pest Solutions. Request a free evaluation today by calling us at (800) 732-BUGS.

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Why Crape Myrtle Care?

Crape myrtle trees are known for their beautiful and vibrant flowers and can be found all over the Sacramento area. When the leaves begin to turn black and they have sap-like liquid dripping from them, you may think some type of tree disease has overtaken your yard. The actual cause is a tiny, miniscule insect called the crape myrtle aphid.

These aphids have sharp teeth that cut into the tree leaves, drinking all the sap out of them. As they eat, their excrement coats not only the crape myrtle shrub, but also nearby trees, cars, sidewalks, and more. Aphids end up leaving the trees vulnerable to fungus which can lead to a severely diseased shrub. Ants are also attracted to the aphids’ sappy excrement, causing a potential ant infestation as well.

How We Treat Crape Myrtle Aphids

While the aphid is indeed a pest problem, our extensive experience with both pest control solutions and lawn fertilization services gives us the education we need to treat these miniscule bugs. Along with aphids, we also know how to treat other pests like termites, birds, spiders, and moles and voles. Our strategy to eradicate aphids involves the following steps:

Crape Myrtle Care Services Sacramento
  1. Our team assesses the crape myrtle aphid infestation on your property.
  2. We then apply a specific spray used to eliminate these insects.
  3. We also spray a lawn weed control product that will help to fertilize your property.
  4. If there are any other pests discovered, such as ants, we will eradicate those insects as well.
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For complete crape myrtle care, call the Good Life Pest Solutions (800) 732-BUGS and request your free evaluation. Since 1978, we’ve been serving Sacramento and the surrounding cities including Roseville, Lincoln, Rancho Cordova, and Auburn, as well as the surrounding counties including Yolo County and Placer County.

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