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Mole & Vole Control

When you have a rodent problem in your Sacramento property, you need a professional extermination team that knows how to get rid of moles and voles effectively. Don’t let these vermin drive you crazy any longer! Request a free evaluation today by calling Good Life Pest Solutions at (800) 732-BUGS.

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Damage Caused by Moles

Moles are known for the distinctive tunnels and complex labyrinths they create in your yard while looking for food like earthworms and grubs. As adult rodents, they can live up to six years in the wild and weigh an average of eight to 10 pounds. Along with creating a massive mess on your property, they also cause other damage in your lawn, such as:

Mole Control Sacramento
  1. Destroying flower beds.
  2. Tearing up shrubs and tree roots.
  3. Creating cracks under concrete slabs and sidewalks.
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Our Vole & Mole Removal Methods

If you’ve had enough of their antics, we can help with our vole and mole control program. Our team of experts knows how to effectively get rid of voles and moles and will do so as humanely as possible. We use the three methods below to rid your property of these aggravating rodents.

  • Bait active tunnels with medicated worms.
  • Bait and trap voles releasing them away from the property.
  • Seal up all access points properly.

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Fortunately, Good Life Pest Solutions has the expertise and professional know-how to get rid of moles and voles. Call us today at (800) 732-BUGS to request a free rodent evaluation. Serving Sacramento since 1978, we also serve the surrounding counties including El Dorado County, Sacramento County, and Yolo County. We also work in the nearby cities of West Sacramento, Rocklin, Lincoln, Roseville, and all surrounding communities. Ask our experts about our rodent control, ant control, bird control, pest control add-on services, bed bug control, and many other services.

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