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Expert Pest Control Solutions in West Sacramento

If you live in West Sacramento and you’re experiencing problems with pests or rodents, call the team at Good Life Pest Solutions. We provide termite inspections, rodent control, and pest solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to request a free evaluation at (800) 732-BUGS.

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Protect Your Crape Myrtle Trees

Beautiful with lovely pink flowers, crape myrtle trees are an instant upgrade to any West Sacramento property. Unfortunately, these gorgeous greens are subject to damage from tiny bugs known as aphids. These microscopic insects eat crape myrtle leaves and leave a sticky residue behind each time they feast. This sap-like liquid can overtake your yard including your vehicles, sidewalk, and driveway. Our team takes care of this problem with an insecticide spray to eliminate the aphids. We also apply lawn fertilizer to help combat any damage that has been caused to your property.

Highly Effective Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating pests to treat. They can be extremely difficult to eliminate, which is why many homeowners and commercial lodging owners call in a specialist. At Good Life, we use four types of pest control treatments that are very effective at eradicating this nuisance for good.

  • Insecticide sprays and aerosols
  • Heat treatments
  • Steam foam
  • Fumigation

Choose Us for Your Pest Control

Good Life Pest Solutions proudly serves West Sacramento and all surrounding areas with our effective and professional pest and rodent control solutions. Whatever type of pest you have lurking in your home or business, we have the treatments, knowledge, and experience necessary to eradicate them, leaving you with a pest-free property.

Keep Your West Sacramento Property Pest-Free with Good Life

Look no further than Good Life Pest Solutions when you need a termite inspection, rodent control, or any other kind of pest control service. Call us at (800) 732-BUGS to request a free evaluation today. Along with the West Sacramento community, we serve all nearby communities including the cities of Folsom, Auburn, and Rocklin, along with Sacramento County and Yolo County.

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